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No server required for WordPress security plugin.

For WordPress


WordPress Brute Force Protection


billed monthly

ModSecurity Firewall
OWASP Core Rule Set
+ Free features

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For Servers


SSH Brute Force Protection
Standard firewall rules


billed monthly

Custom firewall rules
Unlimited rulesets
+ Free features

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Full stack security for web hosting

Whether you're managing WordPress at your favorite hosting company or running your own hosting company, HeatShield has you covered.

HeatShield for WordPress

Protect from XSS, SQL injection, and command injection attacks with ModSecurity's advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF) engine and the OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set (CRS). Plus free brute force login protection keeps you safe from malicious bots.

HeatShield for Servers

Free SSH brute force login protection integrates with our free network firewall, giving you all the iptables security you need for standard web hosting. For companies requiring advanced iptables management, easily enable rulesets applied globally to your servers.


When will HeatShield for WordPress launch?

The HeatShield for WordPress beta will launch in July 2020. For access, sign up for the beta.

Do I need a cloud server to use HeatShield for WordPress?

No, you do not. You can use HeatShield for WordPress with any hosting.

Is HeatShield for Servers already available?

Yes, HeatShield for Servers is already available.

Do I need a cloud server to use HeatShield for Servers?

Yes, you do. If you use a hosting company for hosting your websites, your hosting company is responsible for the server's security.

Advanced security for your WordPress sites