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What Is HeatShield?

HeatShield is a security suite for web hosting. HeatShield offers two separate services:

  • HeatShield for WordPress, and
  • HeatShield for Servers.

HeatShield for WordPress

HeatShield for WordPress is a WordPress plugin that secures your site with WordPress login brute force protection and an advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF) built on ModSecurity.

The WAF analyzes the content of every request to your site and rejects requests that are malicious, such as requests performing XSS, SQL injection, and code injection attacks as well as attempts to exploit vulnerable plugins.

HeatShield for WordPress works with any host, including both shared hosting and WordPress sites hosted on your own cloud servers.

HeatShield for Servers

HeatShield for Servers is a security service for Ubuntu servers that secures your servers with an iptables network firewall and SSH login brute force protection.

A firewall configured by HeatShield for Servers prevents unauthorized access to services running on your servers, such as SSH and MySQL. Using HeatShield for Servers, you can easily restrict access to these services so that only IP addresses you trust are allowed to communicate with your servers.

HeatShield for Servers dynamically updates your servers' firewalls to block IP addresses that have attempted brute force SSH login attacks on any of your servers.

HeatShield for Servers works with cloud servers at any provider, including DigitalOcean, Google Compute Engine, Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, and Linode.

Advanced security for your WordPress sites