Ubuntu Firewall

HeatShield provides a simple, powerful firewall for Ubuntu servers. Once you've installed HeatShield, you can easily manage firewalls across all of your servers without needing to SSH into any of them. As a result, HeatShield empowers all types of Ubuntu users, from beginners to experts, to secure their Ubuntu servers with a firewall.

Solving the Problems of Ubuntu Firewall Management

Like all Linux distributions, Ubuntu includes the low-level iptables network firewall functionality in the Linux kernel. However, iptables is very complicated, and using it safely and correctly is difficult, even with the many open-source scripts people have made to interface with iptables.

Additionally, with the growth of cloud servers, it has become harder and more time consuming to maintain consistent firewalls across all of your servers using the existing tools.

To solve these problems, HeatShield was built from the ground up to make Ubuntu firewall management completely painless across any number of servers. Using HeatShield, you can quickly add and remove firewall rules across all of your servers without SSHing into them or running risky commands with superuser privileges.

Version Support

HeatShield supports all Ubuntu LTS and non-LTS releases, including the current Ubuntu version (16.04) and the upcoming Ubuntu version (16.10). With each Ubuntu release, HeatShield supports both the 32-bit and 64-bit x86 architectures.

Last updated: September 28, 2016

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