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Introduction to Web Application Security

The field of web application security involves all topics related to keeping websites secure, including understanding threats and attacks against websites as well as designing and building secure websites.

Types of Web Application Vulnerabilities

The job of a software developer is to create useful software: software that performs specific tasks for a specific purpose.

False Positives vs. False Negatives

Information about security tools often refers to false positives and false negatives. Knowing these terms is not essential to using a Web Application Firewall (WAF), but understanding them can be helpful when you're reading about WAFs or other security tools.

Base Rate Fallacy

The base rate fallacy, also known as base rate neglect, is a type of invalid reasoning where the actual likelihood of an event is not sufficiently taken into account when interpreting data.

Web Application Firewalls vs. Network Firewalls

Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) and network firewalls serve a similar purpose: blocking traffic when it violates certain security conditions. The difference between a WAF and a network firewall is they operate at different layers of computer networking and so use different criteria for blocking traffic.

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