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SSH Brute Force Protection

The IP Packet Filter dynamically updates your server's firewall to block IP addresses that have attempted brute force SSH login attacks from any further attacks.

To see the brute force blocker in action, open your server in HeatShield and click the Brute Force Blocking tab.

Here you'll be able to disable (or re-enable) HeatShield's brute force blocker and to view the IP addresses that are blocked from accessing your server.

Whitelisting an Address

IP addresses added to your whitelist will not be blocked by the brute force blocker even if they have multiple failed SSH/SFTP login attempts.

IP addresses can be added to your account in two ways:

  1. Click Add to Whitelist next to the IP address you wish to remove from your Blocked Addresses list.
  2. Click the link to view your Account Whitelist under any server's Brute Force Blocking tab, where you can manually enter an IP address and click Add to Whitelist.

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