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Firewall Management for Rackspace Servers

HeatShield is the easiest and safest way to configure and manage firewalls on your Rackspace cloud servers. Rackspace was one of the first server providers to make cloud server deployment simple and accessible to all developers. However, unless you're also using Rackspace's fully managed services, you'll need to handle your server's firewall on your own.

That's where HeatShield comes in. If you're a developer or sysadmin who needs to configure and manage a firewall on your Rackspace servers, HeatShield is your solution.

Configuring a Firewall on Rackspace

Connecting Rackspace servers to HeatShield takes less than a minute. Our instructions for installing HeatShield will show you the steps. Note that you can use heatshield on any type of Linux server at Rackspace, including cloud servers, dedicated servers, or Rackspace's high-performance OnMetal cloud servers.

Once HeatShield is installed on your server, you'll have a fully configured network firewall blocking unwanted traffic.

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