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iptables Alternative

Instead of managing fragile iptables rules directly, HeatShield provides an iptables alternative that allows developers and server administrators to safely configure firewalls without risk and complexity. Additionally, with its built-in SSH brute force protection, HeatShield actively updates your firewall to keep your servers secure.

  • Say goodbye to broken firewalls.

    If you've used iptables before, you know that Linux's iptables are a finicky beast. They're very powerful and painfully flexible, but it's all too easy to lock yourself out of your server or have firewall rules appear to be configured yet not actually be working. With HeatShield, you'll no longer need to become an iptables expert.

  • Complexity of iptables removed.

    Even if you're an experienced sysadmin, using HeatShield as an alternative to iptables lets you focus your time and energy on other areas of your infrastructure. By no longer needing to test and fiddle with iptables, tweaking chains and tables, you can move on to solving better problems.

  • Centralized firewall management.

    With a single dashboard to manage firewalls across all of your servers and intuitive rulesets to keep rules consistent across many servers, HeatShield saves time and energy. No longer worry if you remembered to update a rule on all of your servers, just change it once in HeatShield and you're done.

  • SSH brute force protection.

    HeatShield monitors your server for failed SSH login attempts and blocks brute force attacks while avoiding false positives that plague other brute force blocking tools. With HeatShield, you can keep your server secure without locking out legitimate users, your developers, or yourself.

  • Commercial support.

    We know your time is valuable. We focus on making HeatShield extremely easy to use, and our developers back that up by providing support directly if you need it.

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