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How to Install the IP Packet Filter

To enable the IP Packet Filter on your server, you will need SSH access to your server as root.

When you log in to HeatShield, go to the Servers page and click Connect Server.

Enter a name for your server and click Connect Server.

You'll be given a unique command (specific to just this server) to run on your server. The command will install the HeatShield agent.

Now, log in to your server through SSH with the root user. Copy the command from the white box in HeatShield and paste it into your terminal.

Once the installation is complete, your server will show as connected in HeatShield with the default server rules applied.

If you need to customize your firewall rules, you can enable paid features of the IP Packet Filter.

Creating a Server with Custom Rulesets

When you have a credit card on file in your account, you'll be given the option to immediately upgrade a server when you connect it.

By placing a check mark in the box next to Upgrade Server, you can elect to leave on or turn off rulesets.

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