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Fail2ban Alternative

For users migrating from Fail2ban, HeatShield IP Packet Filter offers a way to have the increased security of automated brute force protection with additional benefits of modern firewall management, including:

  • Complete firewall.

    As HeatShield performs both firewall configuration and brute force protection, you don't need to integrate separate systems that may not work correctly together. Using a single firewall management tool prevents the danger of conflicts between Fail2ban and the rest of your firewall.

  • No configuration required.

    HeatShield's defaults are perfect for most situations. You only need to configure your own firewall rules if you have complex needs. In that case, HeatShield makes your customization easy to do.

  • Centralized management of all servers.

    As companies move to using larger numbers of cloud servers rather than fewer dedicated servers—gaining the security benefits of isolating sites and services—the increased infrastructure complexity has made maintaining consistent firewalls across many servers difficult. By centralizing firewall management, HeatShield solves your firewall management growing pains.

  • API access.

    For organizations that automate their infrastructure deployment and management, HeatShield's API makes it easy to integrate firewall management into your infrastructure automation.

  • Professional support.

    Your time is valuable and should be spent on your business, not fiddling with finicky firewall tools. We've made HeatShield extremely easy to use and we back that up with great support directly from our developers.

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